LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA / MarketWired/NASDAQ - Mar. 12, 2018 - Superstar DJ Don Diablo has announced the initial coin offering of his unique creator token, HEXCOIN (symbol HXG). The utility token is powered by GazeCoin, a platform and digital currency that provides AR/VR creators and advertisers trackable ROI by rewarding audiences for gaze-triggering content. HEXCOIN is the first creator token launched off the GazeCoin platform and will power the world of Don Diablo, a hyper-reality AR/VR world & game called HEXAGONIA. 

With an existing global audience of 2.8M fans, Diablo is currently ranked No 11 in DJ Magazine’s Top 100 and is the first major artist to embrace the Ethereum blockchain as the future of his global brand.

HXG is the utility token for the hyper-reality world HEXAGONIA, an attention-driven ecosystem for young fans that finally merges the benefits of both cryptocurrencies and AR/VR, driving powerful fan rewards based on authentic attention: AR/VR gaze. The world leverages attention monetization API and ecosystem tools, providing fans and brands multidimensional engagement of a pre-existing and growing audience.

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HEXCOIN is a marketplace token for a younger, entry-level demographic. After a simple wallet download, users can immediately participate in HEXAGONIA, accumulating and exchanging tokens to access and participate in all things Don Diablo and HEXAGON.


Who is Don Diablo? 

Regarded as one of the founding fathers of the Future House movement, Dutch DJ/Producer Don Diablo is a pioneer of the dance music world. His #11 placement in the DJ Magazine Top 100 Poll makes him the highest placing artist in the Future House category. A hugely in demand remixer, Don’s portfolio includes work for Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, Madonna, Chainsmokers, Coldplay and Justin Bieber. In 2017, he ranked the #2 most played producer in the world right behind global trendsetter Skrillex (source: In addition to running a successful clothing line and record label, the Dutchman is currently in the middle of a month-long charity tour for the Dutch Cancer Society, earning credits as a passionate philanthropist and raising awareness for a cause close to this heart.
"As a creator of electronic music, I’ve always been engaged in technology and how it can connect my art to the outside world," Don Diablo said. “With HEXCOIN and HEXAGONIA, I see a future where the line between fan, artist and technology blurs, and creativity is unleashed in powerful, measurable ways. I’m extremely excited to welcome Hexagonians and future fans to the next level of technology in music.”

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Gaze Coin is a currency (GZE token) and platform that provides AR/VR creators and advertisers trackable ROI by rewarding audiences for gaze-triggering content. The platform’s exchange technology allows even entry-level users to participate without having to hold Ethereum first and to earn and exchange Gaze Coin-powered tokens for zero fees inside a token marketplace. As part of its suite of developer tools, Gaze Coin allows brands and artists to launch ‘branded’ tokens that power their entertainment  worlds across augmented and virtual realities.

“We are thrilled to back Don’s vision for HXG and HEXAGONIA,” said Jon Peters, CEO and founder of Gaze Coin. “We will provide him with the templates he needs to create the world’s first hyper-reality entertainment channel. Don is a visionary and the first entertainment mega-brand to implement this.”
Details of the ICO including the team of senior music and blockchain advisors will be revealed in the coming weeks. In the interim, parties can register their interest at